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CUSTOM Private Session TotalJoyy Energy Haunted Amulet 2

CUSTOM Private Session TotalJoyy Energy Haunted Amulet 2

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This is a (crystal point stone) amulet programmed with TotalJoyy energy for ANYTHING you ask for. It acts as a "private session" between you and me. The TotalJoyy energy linked to this amulet can be programmed to edit and improve whatever you choose to change in your life. Unlike the audio mp3's that require headphones in order for you to receive the energy, this amulet provides the energy 24/7/365 and provides exactly what you ask for an choose. Also (unlike the audio mp3's) you can have your Bars run while wearing it and it will actually enhance the TotalJoyy session in the amulet.

As this is a "private session" when you request this, feel free to bring all your shit to the table so we can get done what needs to get done. 

After purchase I will contact you. Let me know what you would like to work on, what are your targets, where would you like to be and where are you now? What would you like to change?

This amulet is custom made - to - order. The picture shown is the "blank" amulet that will be later programmed to your specifications, and shipped to you.

It is not "haunted" by an entity or anything, it has specifically programmed TotalJoyy energy attached to it. The pendant acts as a way to transfer the energy to you. This is your private session. If you could have ANYTHING? What Would You Choose?.

What Would You Create? This will give you anything. And while it WILL show up in a different way than you imagine it will, it WILL show up, better than you expected.

If you are reading this it means this IS FOR YOU!  What Do You Choose?