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FREE Mp3 Clean Sweep TotalJoyy Audio

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What Is Clean Sweep and Why Is It Free?

Our consciousness, that aspect of our self that we are aware of, that we believe we have “control over” is just the tip of the iceberg.
For the most part, our life experience is controlled by our beliefs and expectations that have been programmed into us from the time we are born (really before we are born, haven’t you noticed we all seem to be born with a personality, a “mood,” talents and even expectations?).
Though the vast majority of these internal programs are “positive” (they keep us alive after all), many of them limit us and keep us from reaching our highest potential.
Clean Sweep finds the limiting programs at their root, eases them into the light, strips away everything that has kept the density and limitation in place, reveals the “gift” that hides at the core, and helps you to incorporate that gift.

It is a subtle process, designed in a way that, with practice, will become an almost automatic response to whatever threatens to trigger you and bring you down.

Clean Sweep is the fundamental, core part of every TotalJoyy Audio. At the beginning of every audio is a process that sweeps through your energy system to clear the way to allow the program to both be installed and be effective.
It finds and deletes the viruses that would have otherwise blocked or distorted your ability to use not only TotalJoyy, but any other Self Help program you are interested in making your own.
It works, and it works so beautifully that many do not even realize how their life is easing.

It works if you work it – it is a game changer if you make it your own…
And with all my heart I want that for you. I want it for everyone…
It is my desire that you choose to invest in, and work with, all the TotalJoyy Programs, they are unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

But even if you never ever purchase a product from me, even if Clean Sweep is as far as it goes – Please, please, please don’t just listen to it once or twice – install it and play with it – activate it every day.
It will bless your life, and the lives of all those you touch.
I promise it will.