Miracle Consciousness TotalJoyy Audio

Miracle Consciousness TotalJoyy Audio

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This one is specifically programmed to help remove limitations you think you have in your life and replace it with more peace and ease in life.

This audio works to reset your base-code programming in your brain removing energetic blocks and viruses from your energy field. Think of it this way, it is like CCLEANER software for your computer, but for your brain and being.

You have to listen each day at least once WITH HEADPHONES ON in order for it to work due to frequencies within the energy in the recording that make it do what its designed to do.

​Simply put, Miracle Consciousness, once installed and fully activated, will remove “the box” of limitations that currently dictate your expectations. It will allow you to dream,realize, and actualize your dreams your logical mind currently does not allow.
Miracle Consciousness changes all the rules.

* Less Doing, More RECEIVING! 
* More Gratitude and Space!

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