Peaceful Foundations TotalJoyy Audio

Peaceful Foundations TotalJoyy Audio

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This audio works to reset your base-code programming in your brain removing energetic blocks and viruses from your energy field. Think of it this way, it is like CCLEANER software for your computer, but for your brain and being.

You have to listen each day at least once WITH HEADPHONES ON in order for it to work due to frequencies within the energy in the recording that make it do what its designed to do.

This one is specifically programmed to bring peace and calm to you whenever you are in any sort of stress or anxiety.

​Picture an infinitely large still lake of pure water.
Now watch as a single drop of rain hits the surface, see the momentary ripple the drop makes before the lake becomes still again.
At the core you are “The Lake.”
Your stories, problems, emotions are single drops of water that create ripples….
Peaceful Foundations quiets the ripples and reconnects you to the stillness.
Use the 15 minute audio whenever you need a mini – vacation, a chance to return to yourself.
Activate the program (by mentally repeating the phrase Peaceful Foundations) in your walking around space whenever life feels overwhelming.
Simply activate it whenever the energy of everything feels like it is "too much."

* Less Doing, More RECEIVING! 
* More Gratitude and Space!

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