Perfect Health TotalJoyy Audio

Perfect Health TotalJoyy Audio

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This audio works to reset your base-code programming in your brain removing energetic blocks and viruses from your energy field. Think of it this way, it is like CCLEANER software for your computer, but for your brain and being.

You have to listen each day at least once WITH HEADPHONES ON in order for it to work due to frequencies within the energy in the recording that make it do what its designed to do.

This one is specifically programmed to heal your body.

Perfect Health operates differently than most people would expect (it was definitely different than I expected when I sat down to program it).

This TotalJoyy session utilizes God’s (The Universe, Your Body) definition for perfect health (as opposed to Western Medicine’s). It takes the limited mind of this reality out of the equation, and, with regular use, moves you into a deeper and deeper place of relaxed trust and faith, knowing that whatever is in the moment is perfect for your Highest and Best.
As the program moves you more and more into a state of relaxed acceptance, your body opens and allows true healing to take place.
Use Perfect Health (either the audio or the activation code “Perfect Health”) whenever you are feeling physically off or are dealing with any kind of diagnosis.

* Less Doing, More RECEIVING! 
* More Gratitude and Space!

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